ScanEagle System

31 Март 2015, 13:40

Performance, meet practicality

Agile, virtually undetectable and on station until the job is done, hardworking ScanEagle delivers persistent imagery on land or at sea at a fraction of the cost of other surveillance methods. The aircraft’s superior live video feeds keep you one step ahead of the situation, whether your mission is agricultural assessment or force protection. And because no nets or runway are required, you can keep your footprint small, even when the stakes are big.


Length (EO dome): 5.1 ft / 1.55 m
Length (EO900/MWIR dome): 5.6 ft / 1.71 m
Wingspan: 10.2 ft / 3.11 m


Empty structure weight: 30.9-39.68 lb / 14-18 kg
Max takeoff weight: 48.5 lb / 22 kg
Max payload weight: 7.5 lb / 3.4 kg


Endurance: 24+ hours
Ceiling: 19,500 ft / 5,950 m
Max horizontal speed: 80 knots / 41.2 m/s
Cruise speed: 50-60 knots / 25.7-30.9 m/s
Engine: heavy fuel (JP-5 or JP-8) or
gasoline engine

Payload integration

Onboard power: 60 W for payload

Sensor and data options

› Turret: EO, EO900 (two EO imagers), MWIR,
  Dual imager (EO and MWIR)
› Video datalink: Analog, digital encrypted
› C2 datalink: Encrypted, unencrypted

* Performance varies with mission, payload, environmental conditions
and other factors. Contact Insitu for more information.

ScanEagle Capabilities

Persistent intelligence.
Agile technology.

The industry leader for best-in-class reliability, ScanEagle provides persistent daytime and nighttime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) in some of the most extreme environments in the world. With a 99 percent mission readiness rate, the aircraft has been continuously deployed on land since 2004 and in maritime environments since 2005, and has proven itself as a go-to solution for civilian and military customers.

Communication and data

ScanEagle’s air-to-ground communications systems deliver stable communications up to 55 nmi from a ground control station. Encrypted digital video and command and control datalinks offer increased ISR security

Support and services

Our engineering and designated payloads directorate teams can assist with configuring your aircraft to suit your mission-specific needs or developing payloads that extend ScanEagle’s capabilities

ScanEagle Imagers

Turret options

In the baseline configuration ScanEagle’s nose bay houses the Alticam Vision™ imaging system, a stabilized turret that eliminates in-flight vibrations and automatically tracks targets of interest. The turret incorporates the aircraft’s sensor package, which can be customized to include:
Electro-optic imager: For high-resolution daytime imagery.
›1.1°–25° field of view
›36x continuous zoom

EO900 turret: Picture-in-picture daytime imagery from two imagers, allowing operators to focus on and maintain positive identity for objects of interest.
›.3°–48.7° field of view
›170x continuous zoom from one high-resolution imager

MWIR camera: Quality thermal imaging for nighttime and low-visibility operations.
›2°–25° field of view
›12.5x continuous zoom

Dual Imager turret: Includes an EO and MWIR camera and laser pointer for easy transition from daytime to nighttime missions.

›2°–25° field of view
›12.5x continuous zoom
›1.1°–25° field of view
›36x continuous zoom

Featured turrets:

Dual Imager

The Dual Imager puts ScanEagle's two most popular imagers on a single turret - the EO camera and the MWIR. Currently in limited field evaluations.

Electro-optical and MWIR imaging
Picture in picture display
EO/MWIR overlay for improved image interpretation
Laser pointer (optional)
Gyro-stabilized with coordinate hold mode
Built-in vision system handles video processing
Articulated nose enclosure

Fly both EO and MWIR imagers at the same time on ScanEagle
Day and night missions in a single ScanEagle sortie


EO900 combines the precision of an EO imager with the power of a high-definition telescope to deliver simultaneous views of a surveillance area. Each imager is independently controlled, allowing operators to zoom in on a target of interest such as a radio or weapon, while viewing the broader situation, such as a house, stretch of land, or large maritime vessel. The result is better situational awareness, better ISR and better mission outcomes.

Key features:
› High-zoom electro-optic (EO) daytime imaging
› Picture-in-picture view that delivers simultaneous views of an object of interest and the
  broader situation for superior situational awareness
› Independent object tracking in both views
› Embedded Alticam Vision™ imaging system that eliminates in-flight vibrations
› Backed by combat-proven ScanEagle, a platform with more than 700,000 operational hours

› Tilt: 80° forward; 45° back
› Roll: Endless 360°
› Slew rate: 45°/sec

› Wavelength: 400–900 nm
› Pixels: 640 x 480

EO Camera
› 36 x continuous zoom
› 1.1°-25° horizontal field of view

› 170x continuous zoom
› 0.3°-48.7° horizontal field of view