Integrator System

One aircraft, infinite possibilities 

We designed Integrator to be
a modular, flexible and multi-mission capable solution for both land and maritime operations. The aircraft’s six payload spaces can be customized with cameras, communication capabilities and other payloads to suit your operational needs. And because no nets or runways are required, your footprint stays small, no matter how big your mission.


Length: 8.2 ft / 2.5 m
Wingspan: 16 ft / 4.8 m


Empty structure weight: 80 lb / 34 kg
Max takeoff weight: 135 lb / 61.2 kg
Max payload weight: 40 lb / 18 kg


Endurance: 24 hours
Ceiling: >19,500 ft / 5,944 m
Max horizontal speed: 90+ knots / 46.3 m/s
Cruise speed: 55 knots / 28.3 m/s
Engine: EFI; JP-5, JP-8

Payload integration

Onboard power: 350 W for payload
Onboard connectivity: Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Baseline sensor package

› Electro-optic imager
› Mid-wave infrared imager
› IR marker
› Laser rangefinder
*Performance varies with mission, payload, environmental conditions
and other factors. Contact Insitu for more information.

Integrator Capabilities


Inspired engineering. Industry-leading payload versatility.
Constant innovation is the driving force behind Integrator’s™ open-architecture design. Every day, we push the limits of engineering to make our aircraft’s performance better, smarter and more intuitive. The result — a UAV that you design to meet your needs, wherever your mission takes you.


Integrator’s air-to-ground communications systems deliver direct payload communication up to 50 nmi from a ground control station. The system includes electromagnetic shielding to support customized communications relay and radio frequency sensor payloads to meet your mission needs

Support and services

Integrator’s open architecture allows for plug-and-play integration of customized payloads. Our engineering and designated payloads directorate teams can assist with integrating the most advanced technologies to extend your aircraft’s capabilities and meet your mission needs

Integrator Imagers

Imagers and turret

In the baseline configuration Integrator’s nose bay houses the Alticam Vision™ imaging system, a stabilized turret that eliminates in-flight vibrations and automatically tracks targets of interest. The turret incorporates the aircraft’s baseline sensor package, which features a laser rangefinder and IR marker and also includes an:

Electro-optic imager: For high-resolution daytime imagery, allowing operators to focus upon and maintain positive identity for objects of interest.
›1.1°–25° optical field of view
›4x digital zoom

MWIR camera: Quality thermal imaging for nighttime and low-visibility operations.
›2°–25° field of view
›4x digital zoom

Payload Bays

Payload bays

Integrator features six configurable payload spaces with power and Ethernet connections available in each:

Nose bay:
The baseline design houses a turret that contains the sensor package. The nose bay can be reconfigured, allowing for additional payload capacity of up to 15 pounds.

Center of gravity (CG) bay:
This bay delivers the highest carrying capacity (40 x 10 x 5 inches) and can accommodate payloads of up to 35 pounds.

Wing/winglet bays:
Each wing contains two payload spaces — one on the wing and one on the winglet — and can carry up to three pounds of payload. For full motion video (FMV) capability, the right wing and winglet payload space must be dedicated to that function.

Wing hardpoints:
Each wing contains a hardpoint that can carry up to 15 pounds of payload.