Streamline your process

Engineered for simplicity and expeditionary use, Insitu’s Common Open-mission Management Command and Control (ICOMC2) ground station is a small-footprint system that operates from a laptop or soldier-worn device. The core features a fully supported Software Development Kit (SDK) that easily expands the system to fit your operational needs and system-specific requirements. The system can also scale up to effectively operate on large screens with several displays, providing larger audiences with an integrated picture of the area of operation.

Extend your capabilities

ICOMC2’s breakthrough technology:
Operates multiple aircraft and unmanned ground vehicles from one workstation controlled by a single operator.
Uses small-footprint, mobile hardware.
Features an open-architecture design that users can customize with plug-ins and new applications.
Offers net-centric technology that enables other services on the network to utilize system or payload data and allows operators to interact with services provided by other networkbased applications outside of ICOMC2.
Increases operator situational awareness. The Augmented Video Overlay System (AVOS) lets operators overlay video with terrain elevation, satellite data, target identification, border information, acoustic detectability and AIS data — all in a single picture. It also features a new virtual camera mode and auto tracking mechanism so your operators can perform hands-off monitoring of roads, borders or base perimeters.

Upgrade your emergency response

●ICOMC2’s electronic checklists and emergency procedures ensure operators make the right decisions in times of crisis.
●ICOMC2 constantly monitors the system’s health and immediately alerts operators to any malfunctions or failures.
●If problems occur, the system automatically performs an analysis of the alarms and delivers the correct set of emergency procedures to resolve the root cause.

Get timely tech support

Insitu’s ICOMC2 Developer Program offers users and developers full technical support.

● Engineering Services: Our engineering teams can assist with configuring your base application and developing customized plug-ins. You can add support for your systems' unique capabilities even if those capabilities are not STANAG 4586 or JAUS compliant.
● Training: Insitu’s schoolhouse trains operators and developers to use ICOMC2. Developers can also receive additional instruction on creating customized plug-ins.

Supported standards

● STANAG 4586 Edition 2 (Amendment 2)
● STANAG 4609 Digital Video
● Cursor-on-target (CoT) for networked target, track and vehicle route data
● Common Route Definition (eCRD) allowing exchange of routes with third-party mission planners
● MPEG2-TS with H.264 or MPEG2 video and STD 0601.02 KLV Metadata
● SAE AS-4 JAUS-IOP to communicate with unmanned ground vehicle
● RTSP with H.264 video
● ESRI based map engine
University Partnerships
As unmanned aircraft move closer to national airspace integration, the demand for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) engineers, operators and other professionals is on the rise.
Insitu’s ICOMC2 University Partnership Program is a cost-effective solution for colleges and universities interested in meeting this need by growing their existing UAV program or adding new opportunities in unmanned technology to their curriculum.

Participants receive:
● Up to four ICOMC2 licenses for professor/instructor use
● An additional 20 ICOMC2 licenses for student training and research
● Premier-level access to the ICOMC2 Partners Portal and support from our engineers and developers
● Participation in the ICOMC2 steering committee
● Limited access to ICOMC2 plug-in application licenses
● Insitu licensing restrictions apply. For more information,
email contactus@insitu.com.